Windows phone 10 tracker app

Awesome app. Does not use huge memory and not even leeching out battery life.

Getting Started with Windows 10

The most useful feature is that keeps on running even you exit or restart the phone unless you want to stop tracking. Nice app if you want to track your loved one whom you care for. But it lacks one thing that is the inbuilt map.

Please add the map option in this application. We have to go to the site to track the location. If it is present in the app itself then i would be very handy to use. You can reset your password in the login page. If you have problem, please contact us and we can help you. Good for parents but not good for anti theft Do not look at it like a mobile tracer It's more like spying. Very nice and light app.


It keeps on running in the background and if the internet is not available then it stores the location in phone and upload it when the internet is connected again. It is light on the part of phone's memory so no freezes and no crashes. It is one of the most handy and useful tracker in the entire windows store. I would have loved it more if it had a panic button with location sharing through sms. Please add an inbuilt map in the app too with username and password system so that we can fill the persons username and password or token in the application itself for tracking.

GPS Tracker by FollowMee

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Learn more. Wish list. See system requirements. Available on PC Mobile device Hub. Show more. People also like. Waze Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Cordova for Windows 10

Windows Maps Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Navitel Rated 2. Gps navigator recorder Rated 4. Thermometer Rated 4. GPS Satellite Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Scanner Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Features Free Location Monitor: There is no subscription fee to track your devices. All your devices are shown in the same place Real-Time Update: Location data for your device is available in our web site real-time.

Please note that this feature is not available for WiFi-only devices Geo-Fencing: You will receive notification email when your tracked device exits or enters the geo-fence. In Microsoft Launcher, activities are listed in a chronological list order, with the most recent being on top.

Timeline can be accessed by swiping to the right in Microsoft Launcher.

Available on

I find this to be very useful, because often, I close tabs unintentionally, and Timeline is a very easy way to re-access the webpages I was on before. As a writer, I also find it handy that I can access a source article on my phone as well, and then quickly access the same link on my PC when I begin writing. While certainly an interesting feature, many users are likely skeptical about it given its nature on user privacy.

Microsoft Launcher includes integration with that same assistant, which can be accessed from the microphone icon either on the search bar or the Cortana card. The Cortana card can display quick info, which she gathers from the system, including unread text messages, upcoming reminders, tracking info. Adding a reminder from Cortana also adds it to the Tasks list in Microsoft Launcher.

And speaking of cards…. Most Android phones come with a left home screen with Google search and news. Apple devices show a customizable list of widgets, and even the OnePlus 6T lets you choose between a Google Search screen or a widgets list. Microsoft takes all this a step further by putting it all on a single glance screen, complete with info cards, widgets, news, and the Timeline history.

Glance Screen as seen on the left, which is fully customizable as seen on the right.

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I am a big fan of the vertical list of widgets. Windows Phone and iOS got this right, with both platforms sorting tiles and widgets respectively in this order. On an Android phone, someone with a lot of widgets would have to use multiple home pages to sort all of this info, and resorting can also take extra time. Putting all of it in a vertical list makes it easier to access the info on one scrollable screen and saves me a lot of time rearranging the widgets if I want to remove one or add another.

I really do enjoy using Microsoft Launcher. But there are a few issues that cause me to scratch the back of my head. For one, the expandable dock at the bottom is buggy.

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