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That means you can just set one wherever you think your spouse may go for his or her phone fun, and when it happens, the electrical spy will spring into action, like a steel trap. Check that trap at your convenience, and good luck! Break all trust and spy on your honey's personal communications. Direct access of your cheating cherie's phone can reveal a lot—especially texts and tweets. Her close friends will be quite frank with advice and what they think.

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You may find the texts that are sent give you more insight than the ones received. A regular check will give you an idea of how things are progressing. Watch out for the use of false names so that if an incoming message arrives at an awkward moment, the false name gives nothing away. Another way he'll schedule snogging sessions with that woman is to send send her emails or chat online.

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What if every email or conversation that your spouse sends online got mailed to you to read? Software called remote spy software records all of his or her emails, chats, instant messages, web sites visited and keystrokes and then automatically copies this recorded information to your email address. Unless your spouse is very careful, you can also pop onto his or her computer or phone when he or she is not around, and look at history, recent applications, and other breadcrumbs to follow the trail of the philandering fink. Maybe a little email planning for the next rendezvous with romance, or some online hot chat logs.

The lout who is having the affair will quickly try to prevent you seeing emails through the use of passwords and saving the emails under different file names. To gain access initially, you may try using his typical passwords as a starting point. If that doesn't work, a Google search will easily find specialized software that can hack passwords.

Method 2.

Use any tools at your disposal. You can get help from inanimate objects——they never speak! For instance, there are hidden cameras available in shapes unimaginable! They are so discreet that even you will not be able to make out that a state-of-the-art camera lies within. Hidden spy cameras range from wall clocks to houseplants to table lamps.

Install a GPS device. Track where your wayward wife has been lately by using a GPS device. It will show you where she's taken the car, and for how long she stays. Next time she says "I'm working late, honey," you can say "Wow, Motel 9 must love you!

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Count the miles. A cheap free alternative to GPS tracking is to simply record mileage before and after work.

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Does this square with the distance your spouse is traveling between work and home? Differences on the odometer can lead to targeted questions which can help you find out what is or is not happening. Pay particular attention to your spouse's friends. Who is being seen the most? Who is contacted the most? Are they your friends as well? When you meet them, keep a real alert on for bad feelings when talking to them.

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Don't ask direct questions of them. You don't want to ask them to choose who to support.

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What people don't say is at least as useful as what people do say. Study history. If the call history is blocked, then access the details online via telephone accounts. You will need to use a password to access this. However the chances are the password being used was set up long before the affair started so you probably know it or can second guess it. Look for frequency of use and call time. Are both of these factors increasing, steady or increasing?

Knowing this will give you insight on how things are progressing. Watch for changes in behavior. Changes in interests in clothes, appearance, weight loss or gain, coldness, distancing, hostility; refusal to talk about future projects, disengagement from you, disinterest in sex and more noticeably simply everyday affections.

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  • Monitor those changes are they increasing or decreasing? It's the changes that give away clues. Look for secrets. Keep an eye out for a hidden phone your spouse may use to avoid detection. Also, check the trash on his or her computer——often people throw things in the trash, and then don't empty it.

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    Method 3. Catch him in the act! If you really believe your spouse is cheating on you, yet after monitoring phone calls, emails, and travel details, all you have is a gut feeling, than you need to make an essential decision about how far you are willing to go in pursuit of knowing if your spouse is faithful. Honestly ask yourself why you don't trust your spouse. Do you have any reason, real or imagined, to believe your spouse is, or has been, unfaithful? It doesn't have to stand up to legal standards of proof, but do you have anything to go on beyond your feeling or hunch? It is not uncommon for a partner to self-convince that there is a case of spousal infidelity based merely on circumstances that have been molded into the evidence needed to justify one's own feelings, beliefs, and insecurities.

    Just because he seems less interested in you doesn't mean he's cheating. Working late or going out with friends might mean only that. It's also not uncommon for couples who have been together for a while to forget why they fell in love because everyday life is a grind and people get comfortable with time, taking one another for granted.

    Moreover, sometimes work addiction takes over, and your spouse really has become "wed to the job or start-up" and rarely thinks of spending time with you.


    Make some assumptions. If you think you have real cause to suspect your spouse, then start with the assumption that she is going to take some kind of precautions to remain undiscovered when cheating. She's not going to send emails from the home computer, or call from the home phone. She's not going to claim to be working late and leave for a hotel rendezvous risking your calls going unanswered or being seen leaving work too early She will use normal routines and patterns that you are well used to and simply use that time to have the affair. A sexual affair doesn't require much time or commitment.

    The two of them meet in the parking lot, hop into one car, head for "their room" at the Motel 9 for a half hour, and are back in time for shopping. She even comes home with purchases consistent with where they were supposed to be. So if you're truly committed to finding the truth, do this:. Set things up for the set-up. Hide a voice activated recorder behind your bed. Then, plan a trip out of town for two to four days, and share that information with your spouse.

    Do your homework and make it look like you're leaving town by sharing details of your trip, while you secretly plan a stay at a hotel just out of town. Cheating is fun. Cheating is pleasurable. Cheating is adventuresome. Cheating is backstabbing.

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    Cheating is a lie. Cheating is hypocritical. For a couple of days my wife would go out and stay much longer than necessary. Things that should not take more than 30 minutes but will be away for hours. Sometimes her line would not be reachable. She will later give one flimsy excuse or the other. One of those days, at night I made attempt to stir he up so we can make love, she was not in the mood at all. Usually, she enjoys me playing with her, she was removing my hand. I became seriously confused and troubled.

    What do you think is happening to my wife? We had been very faithful to each other, and I never had any reason to suspect her before then. We have been married for over 10 yrs with 3 children. I have been with my wife for about 11 years now and we have three children but these days i feel something is missing ,something is not right and she keeps on dying that she is not seeing any one. I caught my wife cheating electronically, she had asked for forgiveness confessing everything to me, she insisted there were no physical attraction just the electronics gadgets.

    They had met often which she also confessed, is this possible.